Out of the barrels just to put it back in the stainless steel tank and let waterlogged I’ll check some acid levelheadedness level sand then if I have to make an adjustment I’ll make an adjust adjust mint and then I’ll put it right back into these barrels and let it sit for about another six months wine making is a science and an arc you can do a little bit more science or you can do it with a little bit more art that’s up to the winemaker use probably more art rather than science but plenty.

of science to make sure my art is going to turn out the way I want it around months I’ll start tasting it and seeing if I feel if it has enough oak if it has enough oak I’ll get it out and get it ready for bottling if it needs a little bit more Oh clever I’ll let it sit for a couple more months because we’re a smaller winery we have little bit more hands-on control without fruit in the whole process so kind of come out with a more handcrafted quality wine do just certain techniques that you know on a larger scale you can’t do so that quality comes through in the end product located in downtown Fraser along u.s. highway the Winter.

Park winery prides itself Colorado wine on its wine small-town charm and great atmosphere like the wine it offers a bold rich and flavorful spies to the community and invites locals and visitors alike to come experience the festivities winter park winery crushed aged and bottled at, feet ultimately my goal is to make fantastic handcrafted wine we first saw this farm on it was a cold gray winter day but we could see its potential we saw that this gentle southern exposure would assure favorable micro climate and good cold with the idea that a healthy and diverse agricultural ecology is inherently stable and self adjusting antis a fundamental.

component to delicious wines on the economic level we have developed direct markets with consumers including farmers markets and CS and institutions in order to capture greater share of the food dollar our wines are a product that adds value to our grapes and enjoys Colorado winery more extended shelf-life than our fresh fruit it provides cash flow throughout the yearn addition we have delicious pasture-raised bland to sell during the winter.

You hurry hurry yeah alright we got it all right we need to get out of here me get out of hermit’s danger times okay okay okay we’re going with really all right um oh thank you so much for that clue that was such good clue that it was kind of around this area that was just enough for me to like use that to grab some florists while we’re here because why not I got the chicken do – chicken – you configure all right let’s good all unruly run slow okay cut don’t get caught in the fires doorstop all right.

Danger everywhere danger everywhere look at it glorious fire my goodness alright so we got it we got it we got Tobe good we got together okay so now that we have that I need you go figure out what it costs to make those so that Can install the high level ones we also need to go check for strange diamonds tour drills which we hopefully little hello guys how’s it going which we hopefully can actually get from oh Wanted to change my chrome pack as well I wanted to change it to that ghost wine or whatever.

The other one was so we’ll do that here in a second swell my goes check the let’s check inhere real quick y’all done yes you are okay no strange damage and you still need one more cycle okay well I will wait then put down more drills well actually no you know what Ivan put down a couple more and we’ll just wait ox I don’t think I can because we saw the other drills in the glass desert as well yes yes yes strange diamond oh that’s perfect hit’s exactly what I need one strange diamond thank you game hello goodbye right Abbie you can live here that’s cool all right we got strange island that’s perfect that’s absolutely perfect y’all timing could not have been better okay head now now let us see what sweetened are you already a dead.